10x10x10cm Mantis NI Cube Full Set Up - Front Opening Enclosure


What you see is what you get ! 😃 White , Red, Green theme. 

This is a super enclosure from Mantis NI, this is roughly 10x10x10 cm and suitable for all size Spiders, more suitable spiderlings & juveniles and It has full front back and side ventilation with their new swivel locking system & is made from 3mm UK cast acrylic. These are flat packed when you get them and rubber bands are provided to put them together.


Included in this complete set up is :-


🕷️ - Enclosure


🕷️ - Spider Substrate


🕷️ - Moss to help Humidity


🕷️ - 1 X Magnetic Ledge


 🕷️- Magnetic Silk Cocoon - 


🕷️ - Resin Mushroom Decor 


🕷️ - Cork Bark


🕷️ - Artificial Magnet Ivy Trail


This is a front opening enclosure, so good if you enjoy rearranging all the time and doesn't break any webs like top opening do, the photo is my own enclosure and not just banged together for a photo, I use these and currently have Mum's with egg sacs with them, they are super little enclosures. My posting days are MONDAY & THURSDAY. Please bare this in mind if you want quickly, they are posted RM2nd small parcel so can take 2/3 days to come to keep costs down.


All you need is a heat mat, thermostat & bright LED light & you're good to go. Temperature between 24/26 degrees & humidity around 70% (spray once a day).