Welcome to my Cornwall Jumping Spiders!

Welcome to the home of Cornwall Jumping Spiders! We are a small hobby breeder of Jumping Spiders based in the West Country. 

Below are some of my main 8 legged Gang!

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A Bit About Us!

Hello and welcome to my website. We are small hobby breeders of the fantastic little 8 legged friends, Phidippus Regius, also known as the Regal Jumping Spider. These addictive, fluffy, adorable little creatures capture the heart of anyone who has the opportunity to own one - which is everyone! Regal Jumping Spiders are one of the bigger Jumping Spiders in the Hobby and the easiest and most beginner friendly Spood to start your Jumping Spider Journey. Please feel free to look around my site where you will find fact sheets, FAQ, a bit more about us and our Jumping Spiders, enclosure advice and accessories to buy but more importantly the opportunity to become a Spider Owner 😀. But beware - one WILL lead to another! (And another ... and another...). They come in all colours, most don't overly mind being handled and whether you want them to live in their very own natural jungle with growing Plants & Live Moss or a less demanding set up - hopefully you'll find all the answers you need here! Enjoy!