Meet My Spiders!


Below are my personal Spoods and my breeding projects as well. Some I haven't bred from for one reason or another, but whoever you see available on my Spooder Sales Page, their parents will be listed below! 

All my Spider parents are Captive Bred by other UK breeders or myself grown on, I cannot guarantee any Grandparent Spiders however where not wild caught but any spiders I own are Captive Bred in the UK Hobby & all my babies are Captive bred by me 🇬🇧. 



Phidippus Regius Apalachicola


These have to be my favourite locale - they seem to be bigger than most of the other Phidippus Regius locales! They are very easy to keep, superb hunters, they tend to be fairly docile and happy to come out for a wonder about. They come in beautiful colours, from white & black to peachy to bright orange, they really are just beautiful. Their celicerae range from Pink to Green to Purple - they are beautiful! Here are a selection of my Adult Apalachicola females - the babies on my Shop page will be from these. 

And here is my beautiful Male, Apalachicola boy, Obi. He's the Dad to all the Colas on my Spider Shop page - isn't he just the most handsome boy? He dances his socks off for his Ladies above and he's impressed them everytime. He is close to retirement now, and will live out the rest of his days whilst munching on Locusts (his fave!). He has the most beautiful white ear muffs too! He always makes me smile, he dances for me whenever he sees me too, he's a great character and a huge ambassador for the boys who are often overlooked when people are wanting a jumping spider! Boys rule!


Phidippus Regius Florida 


Next are my lovely Phidippus Regius Florida's. This locale was the first one I ever had - she was called Nancy! Nancy was from a wild caught Gravid Parent, unfortunately she never managed to lay a fertile egg sac as I would have loved to have had a daughter from her, to carry on her legacy, she lived out her short years as my main Spood on my shelf! They are a little smaller than the Apalachicola locale but also come in beautiful colours. My girls are all light phase/white Florida's, however they can have all colours in their egg sacs but hopefully lots of light/white phase babies too! 


Phidippus Regius Bahamas 


Here I have my lovely Phidippus Regius Bahamas. These are the most 'famous' for having the 'White' Jumping Spiders, whereas all Locales can have White females. My girlies are White/light and there is a good chance there will be a good percentage of light phase babies, although they don't have as big of an egg sac as my Apalachicolas. Here's a couple of my lovelies girls and the most handsome Male, Derek, with his gorgeous little white ear muffs! 


Phidippus Regius Soroa


Following on for the theme that I apparently have going with all my Spiders, here are my light phase Phidippus Regius Soroas! These are a much smaller locale than the others, probably half if not a third of the size of my colas. They are a lovely little Spooder and one that I really like working with. These arent my main focus but hopefully we will welcome some slings in the future - these come in very vibrant Orange as well! Really beautiful little Spiders and my girlies celicerae are both rainbow coloured. I love it!


Phidippus Bidentatus 'Ometape'


A really beautiful Jumping Spider who shine green & orange irridecence under the right lighting, these are a little different to the Phidippus Regius species. Their care is practically the same but they do seem a little shyer than their Florida friends. I have a really beautiful pair that when the Male matures I'm hoping to be able to breed, they are just beautiful to look at. In the wild these range from the United States to Costa Rica. They aren't overly small but are quick and seem more likely to bolt than the Regius. Nevertheless, they are just absolutely beautiful and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair.  


Phidippus Carolinensis 


Another beautiful little species that is still relatively new to the UK hobby, Phidippus Carolinensis. They are quite a small species, the females have the most fantastic eye lashes and the males look like they are wearing Zorro masks! I have a female currently sitting on an egg sac so no decent photos unfortunately - but I have these of her as a youngster, so once she's off I will get better photos to follow of my lovely little pair of Carols.