Large Arboreal Jumping Spider Enclosure - Full Bioactive Setup

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A great enclosure for housing Adult Phidippus Jumping Spider and also other younger Arboreal Tarantula species as well. This enclosure twists open from the middle, making sure that it doesn't disturb any webbing made at the top of the enclosure. I keep some of my adults in these, bioactive & artificial and find they work very well. Plants seem to grow great in them! These come with everything you need to house your jumping spider. Easy feeding hatch on the lid to poke live food through and on the sides also!

🕷️ Spider Substrate 

🕷️ Cork Bark 

🕷️ Moss 

🕷️ Coloured Silk Cacoon 

🕷️ Artificial Plant (this one has a live plant in - they grow very well! In the future I will offer Live Plants too for enclosures). 


This enclosure will be fine for most Phidippus Regius Species.