Phidippus Regius Bahamas - Jumping Spider Lucky Dip!

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For those who fancy a surprise! Here is my Jumping Spider Lucky Dip - from my slings I am growing on, a 'Dip" of my Phidippus Regius Bahamas.These will be totally picked at random and the youngest will be L5/i5. They will be unsexed males or females, this is just for those who fancy a baby and not overly worried about what colour they are / what colour celicerae they have! These are all feeding well on fruits flies & green bottles. Above are the Parents of any baby spood you recieve 🕷️Happy Dipping!

*** Important:- The extra pictures are to show jumping spider Moult progress. I do not sell my Jumpers any younger than L/i5. Please familise these two charts as that's what your Lucky Dipper will look like or older! 🕷️🖤 (Not my charts) ***