Complete Bioactive Set Up - Lift Up Lid


Available is an enclosure we have had great success with. The lid is attached but lifts upwards, so webs are hardly, if ever, disrupted. I find these best for Bioactive enclosures and the Spiders seem to do really well. With cross ventilation, a deep substrate bed, live plant and some cork bark/twigs/etc these make a super little home. The photo is of one of mine that's been inhabited for a while now, hence the webbing everywhere but the plants grow superb and the spiders thrive. These are suited to the smaller Phidippus Species or younger Apalachicolas/Florida's. 

Comes complete with :- 

🕷️ Spider Soil 

🕷️ Live Plant (our choice)

🕷️ Cork Bark & Twigs 


These can come with different colour vents.