Small Complete Set Up - All Decor Included - (10 x 10 x 10cm) cm) Bottom Opening Enclosure - Multiple Vent Colours Available

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A great little sling / juvinile & Adult bottom opening enclosure for your jumping spider. These have two decent ventilation rings in, and deeper lids so you are able to add substrate and moss to these easily. They make their webs at the top of these enclosures and I find they dont get ruined taking the bottoms off. The best way is to glue or magnet cork bark to the back of the enclosure, so your spider webs to this and the top, so when you take the bottom off the cork is still in place therefore no damage is done. These are perfect for those who don't wish to handle their spiders much at all, although you can get them out easy enough in these bottom opening enclosures, they are equally as beneficial for those who rather view. Easy enough to open the bottom and pop your food in too.

This enclosure comes with :- 


❤️ Vent colour choice

🧡 Magnet Cork Bark for the back of the enclosure

💛 Substrate

💚 Moss

💙 Artificial Plant / Flowers

💜Coloured Magnetic Silk Cocoon

🩷Ceramic Small Mushroom Decor 

I use these successfully for my spiders, great for viewing as I don't handle mine much. 


There is an empty option as well where I will just vent the enclosure for you to decorate instead.