✨✴️Phidippus Regius Jumping Spider Sling Bundle✴️✨ - Spider + Full Set Up

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🩷 Valentines Special Offer! 🩷

A full bundle - all you need is a heat mat, a thermostat and a bright Light! The rest is here :- 

🕷️ 1 X Unsexed Phidippus Regius i5 Spiderling from either my Bahamas, Floridas or Apalachicola (please state!) 

🏡 1 X Mantis NI Sling Enclosure which includes (6x6x10cm - perfect for smaller instars and as they grow ):-:

- Magnetic shelf 

- Coloured Magnetic Silk Cocoon 

- Artificial Plant/Flower 

- Substrate

- Moss 

1 X Fine Misting Spray Bottle 

1 X Week Supply of Fruit Flies

Perfect gift for spider lovers 🩷

The enclosure is perfect for spiderlings before they need their next size enclosure in 2/3 moults. 

📮Please choose Spider + Enclosure over 1kg Postage 📮