🀍🀍 1 X Cuttlefish for Calcium for Isopods 🀍🀍


🦴This listing is for 1 X Cuttlefish peice.🦴

Cuttlefish bone is used as a natural calcium supplement for Isopod Cultures.The bone is actually part of an internal shell structure found in Cuttlefish. Using Cuttlebone will give you a slow release form of calcium for you animal. Simply add it to the enclosure and replace it as needed, or as it is eaten. Isopods need calcium to help them moult and form their new exo skeleton. You can break up in pieces and scatter throughout their tub or make into a dust and mix into their substrate. Cuttlefish is by far the easiest way to making sure Isopods receive the Calcium they need to thrive.