Full Set Up - Arboreal Keeper - Standard Size

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The Arboreal Keeper is a purpose-built arboreal enclosure that is perfect for arboreal spiderlings and mantis nymphs. This is perfect until around i7 depending on species before their forever home. Its comprised of a two-piece design that includes ventilation on the top as well as adjustable side vents to aid with crossflow air, as it opens in the middle this ensures webs built up the top are not ruined each time. Size is 6.5cm X 10.5cm and I use these for all my juviniles growing on.

This set up comes with :-

🍂 Substrate (Not Coco fibre)
🌱 Moss
🏡 Coloured Silk Cocoon (your choice of colour)
🍄 Mushroom decor
🌴Artificial plant decor
🪑Wooden Magnetic Shelf
🪵Cork Bark

Please choose cocoon colour (all colours apart from black and grey) in notes at checkout 🩷