🌿 Bioactive Set Up + Enclosure, Isopods, Springtails & More...🌿

Introductory Price 🌿

This is a full Bioactive Set Up - all included! Included in this set up is :-


1 X Mesh Vented Enclosure

1 X Real Moss (Collected from our own Farmland which I use myself)

1 X Cork Bark

1 X Artificial Plant (you can change for real or your choice or keep the artificial)

1 X Substrate (Spider Life)

5 X Isopods suitable as clean up crew!

1 X Small pot of Springtails

1 X Spray Bottle

1 X Handful of dried oak leaves

A brilliant arboreal Tarantula, Mantis or Jumping Spider Enclosure with a Mesh vent on top, perfect for Mantis, and a mesh vent on the side, perfect for species of Tarantulas and Jumping Spiders that require a lot of good cross ventilation. This has a deep lid, so when lifted it doesn't affect webs ie from Jumping Spiders. I hot glue artificial plants to the lid for Jumping Spiders to web too and then this stops any web ripping. This enclosure is:

3.75in x 3.75in x 7in

Which is perfect for adult Phidippus Regius, juviniles and Tarantula Slings along with Mantis.