🩷"Deluxe"🩷 Orchid Mantis Bundle (Mantis & Enclosure Set Up) 🩷

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🌸Orchid Mantis full bundle. This includes :-

1 X 10x10x10cm Mantis NI acrilic enclosure (welcome to choose flower colour)

     - Substrate

     - Artificial Flowers & Vine

     - Moss

     - Magnetic Shelf

     - Cork Bark

1 X Fine Mist Spray Bottle

1 X Supply of food

1 X i4 Nympth

Beautiful species of Mantis, these are i3 currently. Included spray bottle as these require a bit more humidity than others and appreciate spraying twice a day. Feeding well on fruit flies and house flies. This enclosure is a Mantis NI with Mesh Top especially for Preying Mantis. Please PM for more information.

Sent RMSD next day and need a signature apon delivery. Please bare this in mind when ordering and if a day doesn't suit please let me know.