"Deluxe" - Mantis Enclosure Full Set Up


A full set up with everything pictured, suitable for Mantis before adult size depending on species. I have my i4 orchids in these and they will be good for another 2/3 moults. This enclosure has a soft mesh roof which they need as Mantis need to hang upside down for moulting. The mesh is fruit fly proof! 

This is a Mantis Ni 10x10x10cm front opening acrylic cube, with mesh top suitable for nymphs. I have my Orchids from i3 in these happily. This will also house jumping spider juviniles perfectly as well with the front opening enclosure.

Included in this is :-

- Flat packed Mantis NI Enclosure, easily put together at a home.

- Cork Bark

- Artificial Ivy Trail

- Artificial Vine

- Substrate

- Moss

- Magnetic Shelf

- Artificial Flowers (please choose color else random will be sent - Pink, Yellow, Purple, White, Red, Orange)