💚🤎 Isopod Starter Enclosure Set Up 🤎💚

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This is a full set up for a small colony of Isopods. This includes everything you need to be able to add your new isopods in. Starter pack includes :- 

1 X 1.3 Litre Braplast Enclosure Tub 

1 X Substrate mixed with Oak Leaves & Spagnum Moss. 

1 X Peice of Live Moss 

1 X Handful of Oak Leaves 

1 X Cork Bark, Bark and/or sticks with lichen and/or moss on 

1 X Spray Bottle 

1 X Pot of Spring tails to add to the substrate

1 X Cuttlefish Bone for Calcium 

Image is my enclosures I use and how they can end up looking with the above :) 


Postage is RM 2nd class delivery and takes 2/3 days.