10x10x10cm Mantis NI - Front Opening Enclosure


What you see is what you get ! 😃

This is a super enclosure from Mantis NI, this is roughly 10x10x10 cm and suitable for all size Spiders, more suitable spiderlings & juveniles and It has full front back and side ventilation with their new swivel locking system & is made from 3mm UK cast acrylic. These are flat packed when you get them and rubber bands are provided to put them together.

Included in this complete set up is :-

🕷️ - Enclosure

🕷️ - Spider Substrate

🕷️ - Moss to help Humidity

🕷️ - 1 X Magnetic Ledge

🕷️ - Magnetic Coffin Decor

🕷️ - Cork Bark

🕷️ - Artificial Black Decor 

This is a front opening enclosure, so good if you enjoy rearranging all the time and doesn't break any webs like top opening do, the photo is my own enclosure that I use. 

All you need is a heat mat, thermostat & bright LED light & you're good to go. Temperature between 24/26 degrees & humidity around 70% (spray once a day).