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Available below are suitable Enclosures for your jumping spider. In the description will advise the size and age Spider suitable for each of them. They can be bought Empty and ready to decorate or can be bought with a full Set up. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

Because Jumping Spiders are arboreal (make their webs up high off the ground), enclosures that open at the very top will destroy their web each time are mostly unsuitable for Jumping Spiders. With this in mind here are some good replacements. 

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Here are all the above enclosures but empty (no decor) so you can decorate them yourselves if you wish :) 

Empty Enclosures (No Decor)

Handling Enrichment & Enclosure Peices


The good thing about Jumping Spiders, they don't have to be held. Alot of people buy these adorable little creatures who are terrified of Spiders, in the hope that it helps them overcome their fear of the 8 legged - and in 99% of cases, they truly do themselves proud! Still, not everyone wants to handle their jumping spider and to be honest, I don't think the Spoods get much out of it - other than somewhere else to explore (8 eyes can do a lot of looking!) Here, in my spare time (not that I have a lot!) I like to design and make Spider Gyms/Enrichment peices/Handling Play sets, whatever you want to call them. They are primarily made for out side the enclosure, but are safe enough if you have a big enough enclosure to house them in. They are all put together with Non Toxic, Aquarium Grade Glue with artificial or air plants. I use them successfully, they don't mould and always cool to have skulls and dinos in your enclosures!

🕷️ Disclaimer 🕷️

** Please note these are glued together, I cannot be held responsible for any damages that may incur in transit and will be packed to the best of my ability. **