🩷🌸Welcome to my Mantis Page! Here I will list my different types of preying Mantis available, I find these species, easy, enjoyable and absolutely beautiful! I have decided going forward ALL my Mantis sold will INCLUDE temporary accomodation with decor, 1 weeks worth of food & a fine misting spray bottle. 

The temporary accomodation is a very sturdy, Mantis specific tub, with a mesh roof. I have tried those deli clubs with mesh and elastic bands and whilst they are more than suitable for Mantis to grow on I find them so hard to deal with! I came across these Tubs and they are PERFECT! they will last them easily a few moults especially the smaller flower Mantis species, and they are 8cm X 10cm. More than big enough for the sizes I have available! They come with substrate, moss to help humidity and artificial flower Bundle for enrichment (please choose colour on notes at checkout else a random pretty one will be sent!)🩷🌸